GenMapper Help

Hello, this app should serve for mapping generations of simple churches. I pray it serves you to advance Jesus' kingdom.



Each circle represents a group / church. Dashed circle means group, full circle means church.
On the top the numbers describe: # total, # believers, # baptized
Inside the circle are the elements that are practiced in the group.
On the left there numbers 1 to 7 represent which elements of 3/3 process are practised:
1 - Personal care 2 - Worship 3 - Accountability 4 - Vision casting 5 - Bible study 6 - Practice 7 - Set goals and prayer

Click on the group to edit it.
Click on red button to remove group. (Works only for groups without descendants.)
Click on green button to add child group.

Import / Export

Note: If you don't export, all changes will be lost when refreshing or closing page.
You can import a .xlsx or .xls (MS Excel) or .csv (Comma separated values) files.
You can also import a subtree by clicking a given group and then using the 'Import Subtree' button.
Export is currently available only to .csv format.
Note: Some versions of Safari have problems with export to csv. If a new tab with blob is opened instead of file downloaded (see example below) safari export issue
press Cmd + S, then enter a filename ending .csv, select Format: Page Source, and finally click Save. safari export issue
For Export to PDF, use the Print buttons and then save as PDF in Chrome or Safari.

Panning / Zooming

You can pan by draging the map and zoom by mouse wheel or using buttons on the left.


See here


Thanks to Curtis Sergeant for the idea of generational mapping and for providing useful feedback.
JavaScript libraries used: d3.js, FileSaver.js, js-xlsx and Underscore.js

Copyright (c) 2016 - 2017 Daniel Vopalecky
Licensed with MIT Licence
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